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In this cynical age when trust is generally at a low point, I believe the best way to judge someone is by

what they do, not by what they say.

Please join me in voting Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner. As police chief, Henslee reached out to citizens, heard their concerns, and crafted innovative solutions. He will undoubtedly bring this knowledge and expertise to the County Commissioner’s office. In my opinion, Dave a caring, compassionate, intelligent man, willing to listen to all sides of an issue. He also has a no-nonsense style I appreciate. These characteristics will be a tremendous asset as we work through yet another year in drought. These attributes along with his deep dedication to our community and his support of 4-H and other youth programs shows that he is a man of service and integrity.

As a fellow rancher/farmer that has been without water, I know he will advocate for food production here in the Basin, as the produce and livestock grown and raised in the Basin is admired around the world. Dave Henslee is articulate and charismatic. That is a combination I want arguing for our community in Salem and Washington DC.

Henslee wants the best for Klamath, and I know he will serve our community with the same passion he exhibits in all his endeavors.

That’s why I voted Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner, Position #1.

— Luther Horsley

After carefully considering the qualifications and reputations of those running for Klamath County Commissioner, position 1, I have decided one candidate stands above the rest, by far!

The candidate that will be getting my vote is Dave Henslee. Hands down, Dave has the background, education, knowledge, experience, and integrity I want serving as one of the three CEOs of county government.

Klamath County is a great place to live. I enjoy the rural lifestyle, beauty, sunshine, and safety of my family. We know our neighbors and we know our elected officials. It’s not like big cities, where elected officials can feel a certain level of insulation from their decisions. Anyone serving as a County Commissioner will see the people affected by their decisions day in and day out. It’s important to me that we elect a commissioner with integrity and ethics who interacts with the citizens in a positive way.

I am voting for Dave Henslee because he’s that candidate. I trust his intent to maintain the core values and livability of our community. He proved his integrity, leadership, and ability to manage people, time, and money as police chief. He will bring those same skills and experience to his role as Commissioner. Please vote for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner.

— Kryssi Heitman

There is no denying that the last couple of years have been difficult for the Klamath Basin. The expansive overreach of government mandates, the ever-changing cultural environment that drifts further and further from traditional morals, values, and a way of life we all once embraced and cherished has taken its toll on the heart and soul of the Basin.


The scanning of any news source depicts a bitterly gloom prospect of a nation that once shined as a beacon of hope and goodness. Instead of shining brightly our nation, our state, and even our own community seem to be engulfed in the darkness of our times, and perhaps the unspoken question on all our minds is “when will it change, when will the light return?”

It has been said by many over the years that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” Luckily for Klamath County there is one good man who is willing to do something. In fact, this man has been actively engaged in making his community better his entire life. That man is Dave Henslee, a husband, father, former law enforcement officer, rancher, friend, neighbor, community member, and now a Candidate for Klamath County Commissioner Position No. 1. Dave is a good man, the sort of man who will not stand by and do nothing in the face of adversity, or simply look the other way because it’s the path of least resistance. Dave has been recognized throughout the county for his integrity, leadership, and iron-will. Dave will hit the ground running to ensure that Klamath County is well represented while actively seeking solutions for our economy, housing, water policies, homelessness, and public safety.

I offer this public endorsement and will cast my vote for Dave because Dave Henslee is a good man!

— Bill Kennedy

Like you, I have watched in horror as the unjust, tyrannical, and horrific events taking place in Ukraine have unfolded before our very eyes and come to one galvanizing conclusion. Freedom is a truly fragile and ultimately priceless commodity. As we enter into another election cycle, I am reminded of the enormous responsibility each of us holds as members of the electorate. Our vote is not merely a pencil-marked sheet tucked into an envelope, but instead a contributing element of change, improvement, and a brighter future.

So, what does a change, improvement, and a brighter future look like for Klamath County? In a name, I would argue that it looks like Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner No. 1. Dave is a man of character and integrity who has proven through a lifetime of service to also be a man of action. In a nearly 30-year career Dave gained the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to serve the residents of Klamath County as their voice, advocate, and champion of change and improvement.

Serving as Klamath County’s representative, Dave will be committed to doing everything he can to ensure that not just the county, but our homes, our livelihoods, and our very way of life is represented honestly, boldly, and with sincere and unyielding commitment. Dave is committed to carrying the message of Klamath County to the bureaucrats and politicians in Salem and Washington, D.C., who seek to keep Klamath County in a regulatory strangle-hold, that we the people of Klamath County demand that they get out of the Basin’s way so we who call Klamath home can once again embrace the natural resources and our cherished rural way of life that makes Klamath County ours.


I am asking all who cherish Klamath County to join me in voting Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner No. 1.

— Ty Kliewer

Who Do I Vote For? Commissioner Position #1 I reference pages 52 and 53 of the May 2022 Voters Pamphlet. I see the four candidates: Allen Headley, Dave Henslee, Todd Gessele, and Brandon Fowler. I have met two of the four and personally know one of the four. Their resumes are provided by each.

I compared each with the information provided. Occupation(s); Education; Prior Governmental Experience(s) and non-governmental experience. I also reviewed information provided in the Media, Facebook, other resources, and personal knowledge. I would encourage each of you to read the Voters Pamphlet, search the Media sources as provided of each, then draw your own conclusion.

I found in the information provided is the lack of completeness and was somewhat confusing resume by three. I also found the typical political propaganda by one. One provided a complete resume and the information provided was well thought out before publishing.

Only one mentioned Ethics (Ethics for Leaders). In today’s world of politics, Ethics needs to be a high priority of a candidate and government officials. Ethics is defined as “A set of moral principles or values, the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and moral duty and obligation.” An excerpt from the OREGON GOVERNMENT ETHICS LAW, A GUIDE FOR PUBLIC OFFICIALS “One provision, which is the cornerstone of Oregon Government Ethics law, prohibits public officials from using or attempting to use their official positions or offices to obtain a financial benefit for themselves, relatives or businesses with which they are associated if that financial benefit or opportunity for financial gain would not otherwise be available but for the position or office held.”

Only two have governmental experience. One has a verifiable 28 years of service as a Police Officer (First Responder) / Police Chief. Responsible for managing his organization, budget preparation, spending discipline, and responsible for public safety in varying capacities. Many hours of specialized training: Incident Command, Excellence in Leadership, Labor and Employment Law, Risk Management, and multiple other management topics, Decision Making – Public Sector. These mentioned are a just few. The other claims 25 years in the private sector experience (unverifiable) and 15 years as a Volunteer (Board of Director, Budget Committee, and consultant). Part of being a volunteer is questionable. To be a Board of Director the only requirements are a Registered Voter and a Landowner. Board members are elected or appointed by the governing body. One board member does not have the authority to govern as an individual, it takes a quorum and a majority vote. For the County it would be two as there are three commissioners. For a Special District it would be three for a five-member board. A budget committee member is appointed by the governing body. The only requirement they must be a registered voter. The budget committee is comprised of the governing body and an equal number of lay members. The chairperson of the budget committee can be any lay member. The primary purpose of the Budget Committee is to review the Budget Message, review and listen to testimony regarding the proposed budget, making recommendations and then approve the budget so the governing body can adopt the budget. It is my opinion one candidate appears to be violating the Oregon Ethics Laws. He wears an issued uniform while campaigning. It appears he is using the uniform and paid position to help sway voters. This candidate has had personal financial difficulties, multiple thousands of dollars. He was also involved in the financial difficulties with a Charter School. Finance was one of several problems. The school closed mid-term of the school year. This left parents with multiple stressors. Most of the students were traumatized with having to start in a new school and location. He may also have a Conflict of Interest with the agency he currently serves. This candidate also needs to be trueful in his commits. Example, “he has the support of the Blue Line and the Red Line”. I now individuals from both groups who do not support him. All candidates when vying for public office needs to know the Oregon Election Laws and the Oregon Ethics Law. They also need to be truthful. Making misleading statements will come back to haunt them.

Out of the four candidates, the one candidate who in my option stands out as the best qualified is Mr. Dave Henslee, I am voting for Mr. Henslee. Dewaine Holster Chiloquin, Oregon

— Dewaine Holster
Retired Fire Chief (30 years) (36 years Fire Service)

I recently overheard a conversation that ended with a passionate declaration: “You are not listening to me!”  How often I have looked at the State of our Great Union and at our elected representatives and thought “You are not listening to me!”  The truth of the matter is that my years of experience within private and public activity I have concluded that most instances of governmental and societal failure is oftentimes the result of those in leadership and especially our elected officials failing to listen to those who put them in office. While many representatives say, “I hear my constituents” a true representative says, “I am listening to my constituents.” 

Klamath County needs a leader who is committed to listing to “us,” and Dave Henslee is that leader.   Dave is a man of unwavering character and the epitome of Leadership. He dedicated his life to service with nearly 30 years in law enforcement, making Dave no stranger to the importance of listening to the community at large.  Dave progressed through the ranks by listening and then acting on what others needed. Dave Henslee has been listening to Klamath County and he is ready to again act on what he has heard.   

As one of three chief executives on the Board of County Commissioners, Dave will be listening and acting on what Klamath County is saying.  Dave will lead from the front with character and integrity, putting into action years of experience and knowledge as he focuses on our economy, the housing shortage, homelessness, and public safety.  Dave has been listening and he is committed to taking action to correct water polices that continue to devastate our agricultural community.

Dave Henslee is a leader who is listening! Please join me in voting for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner #1.

— Laura Spendolini

In the upcoming election, I’ll be voting Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner. Dave has proven himself as a leader in the community through his work as Chief of Police and his work with other organizations in the community. Dave Henslee has proven himself as a skilled leader and dedicated public servant. Others have talked about his ability to listen, advocate, and find solutions. I want to focus on another area – his ability to craft and live within manage multi-million-dollar budgets. As police chief, he developed and managed taxpayer money responsibly. As a taxpayer, I want a commissioner who has some experience with budgets and understands the priorities of the citizens here and respects the fact that the money they are using to provide those services, comes from the citizens. It’s our money. Dave Henslee has the experience overseeing large departments and will be able to hit the ground running.

Dave is a man of exceptional integrity that we can rely on to make decisions for us based on whether an issue that comes before him has merit. He will not be swayed by factors unrelated to the facts presented.

My knowledge of Dave Henslee runs deep, he and I first met back in college at Oregon State University. Even then, we all knew he was destined for great things. Dave has always been a natural leader. It was great to see him serve our community as Chief of Police, and now I am happy to support him to be our next county commissioner.

He understands the needs of the county because he lives it every day as a rancher. I don't believe there is anyone more qualified and more dedicated to Klamath County.

Please join me and vote Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner, Position #1.

— Shawn Blodgett

My husband and I call the Klamath Basin home, not because it is simply where we reside and work, but because this community is filled with friends and neighbors that we call family.  We love the Klamath Basin and all that it represents through its raw natural beauty, pioneering spirit, agricultural commerce, and its resilient citizenry.  The hearts of those who call the Klamath Basin home are large, accepting, generous, devoted, and enthusiastic. They deserve to know that their voices, their ideals, their faith, and their cherished way of life will be not only represented, but respected, advocated for and honored by those elected to represent them – The People of Klamath County.

If ever there were a time in Klamath history where “we the people” have witnessed first-hand the necessity of strong representation within our governmental offices, it has been in the wake of the devastating impact of the pandemic and its associated governmental overreach.  The true negative impacts on our children, our economy, and our cherished way of life have yet to be fully recognized. This County-wide shared experience demonstrates now more than ever, the necessity of ensuring that Klamath County has durable and devoted persons of character and integrity representing Klamath County’s most cherished resource – its people.

Dave Henslee is a man of character and integrity who endured alongside his Klamath friends and neighbors the devastating impact of government overreach.  Because of his shared experience Dave Henslee has again been called to serve and like all true leaders, accepted the call.  As a man who spent his life serving and protecting others, Dave has agreed to once again step into the public arena of service and to protect the ideals, resources, economic opportunity, and commerce of all Klamath County residents.   


That is why we support Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner Position 1!


— Chuck and Nadine Hoy

Please join me in supporting Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner Position #1, the position left vacant when former Commissioner Boyd resigned.

I have known Dave for many years and know him to be a good man of remarkable character, a Dedicated public servant, an accomplished CEO, and a tremendous leader that knows how to get the right things done for our community.

Over the coming weeks Dave will be busy campaigning to get his message out to the citizens, and here’s where you can help. As you know, campaigns cost money so please consider contributing what you can. Campaigns are most successful when citizens help spread the word by agreeing to endorse, submit letters to the editor, host meet and greets, tell friends and family, and of course cast your vote for Dave Henslee.

To contribute, request a yard sign, to endorse Dave, or to volunteer please click on the appropriate tab above.

Thank you,


— Derrick DeGroot

My husband and I worked on one of Chief Henslee's advisory teams and came to understand his dedication to community involvement and the inclusion of all Klamath Falls citizens.


His dedication to a safe and fair police department has been long proved by his seven years as Klamath City Police Chief. Many positive community changes came about because of Dave's dedication to the ideas.


Our vote will be for Dave Henslee, it is the only tried and tested smart vote!
— Marilynn McLaughlin

I would like to offer an endorsement for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner, Position #1. I became familiar with Dave's humble leadership style through his work with the Klamath Falls Downtown Association and the Klamath Falls Police Department while serving on City Council. I witnessed how purposeful, thoughtful and confident he was as he navigated through many, often difficult, situations while serving as Chief of Police. I appreciate his strong knowledge of the area and the governmental process. He has a genuine concern and passion for Klamath County that is unmatched. Please join me in voting for Dave Henslee, a "community above self" candidate who has what it takes to help move our county forward. — Kendall Bell

Our family has strong ties in the Klamath Basin and want the future of this community to be brighter and stronger than ever. That is why I’m voting for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner.

Dave’s family ties here in the Basin are long and strong, going back to the 1800s. He returned to Klamath with his wife and children to serve as our Police Chief, a position he served until he retired. As the Chief of Police, his goal was to make Klamath a safe place for all of us to call home, a place for our community to thrive together in peace. He did that.

As the owner of commercial property in downtown Klamath Falls, I witnessed something very special, extremely rare, and extraordinary in the leadership traits Mr. Henslee displayed during a potentially dangerous, emotionally charged event where Main Street was lined with people, some armed, on opposing sides of an issue that had the entire country gripped in conflict, often violent, in some cases, acting out against each other.

Dave Henslee calmly placed himself between the people yelling, some of the loudest individuals and, I don’t know what he said, but his body language, demeaner, and calm approach had a profound impact on those present. He transformed a potentially explosive situation where some were ready to escalate the very tense event beyond harsh words, calming the crowd to the point where some met in the middle of Main Street and shook hands. I was very moved by his approach and the positive impact he had on the evening.

These are the qualities and characteristics I want serving us all on the Board of County Commissioners.

Please join me in voting for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner, Position #1. He truly is a public servant and excellent leader – characteristics we need in our Commissioner.

— Cec Amuchastegui

As we carefully, methodically evaluate individuals running for office we should keep a few things in mind: Campaigns are, literally, the interview process for the employers – you and I, to evaluate the qualifications, character, and fitfulness of those applying for the jobs on our ballots.

As a successful Chief Executive, Dave Henslee has proven that he can compile a multi-million-dollar budget, line-by-line, then manage large organizations to operate within that budget, holding himself accountable throughout the fiscal year. He has successfully achieved this standard in both the public and the private sectors, making needed cuts in tough economic times.

Dave Henslee is a man of impeccable character. He won’t hide important information from you or mislead you in any way just to win an election. When elected, Dave’s priority will be in serving us with honesty and integrity.

I’m tired of some elected officials placing their personal goals and ambitions above their obligations and oath of office, are you? We’ve all witnessed these individuals become so preoccupied and hyper-concerned about getting reelected they become paralyzed when confronted with potentially critical or controversial issues.

From day one, Dave will be making decisions based on what’s best for our community and after careful analysis of the facts associated with the issues under consideration; basing decisions solely on the merits of the issues, nothing unassociated will influence his votes, including potential political risks.

Dave Henslee is an innovator that will think outside the box in crafting solutions to our most perplexing problems.

Personally and professionally, Dave conducts himself in ways that will make us proud to call him one of our commissioners.

I respectfully ask that you consider joining me in voting for Dave Henslee, an accomplished executive in both the public and private sectors, and a man of exemplary character.

Please vote for Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner, Position #1.

— Joe Spendolini

It is with the greatest degree of confidence I write this endorsement for Dave Henslee. He is a man of impeccable character and has a vast background that will make him a great voice and advocate for the people of Klamath County.

Dave thoroughly understands and lives the values of our community. He is keenly aware of the indispensable role that healthy agriculture plays here. I am particularly impressed with his knowledge and comprehension of the vast nuances of our exceedingly complicated water situation. As a cattle rancher, he has had to make the same painful decisions his fellow producers in the basin have. He will advocate for durable solutions that leave our future in the basin brighter than our recent past.

Dave has strong vision to improve our community and create new opportunities while preserving the many things that make this the special place we are all proud to call home.

Please join me in supporting Dave Henslee, he has all the tools to be an excellent Commissioner.

— Tyrel Kliewer

I am pleased to endorse Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner Position 1.

Dave's work as the Chief of Police clearly demonstrates that his strong and steady approach to leadership is highly effective and is just what the county needs right now. Dave's experience as the chief and as a local rancher is perfectly suited to the position; but what convinces me most that he is the best choice for commissioner is a comment he recently made when asked about his candidacy. Dave said he didn't have a magic answer to solve the unique challenges that face Klamath County. Instead, he promised to be a strong advocate for the people and do everything in his power to preserve our way of life. I found his comments to be incredibly refreshing. No hollow promises in an effort to get elected; rather, an honest and pragmatic response. That's exactly what I am looking for in our local elected officials. Straight answers and hard work - that's Dave Henslee. Please join me in supporting Dave Henslee for Klamath County Commissioner Position #1.

— Amanda Blodgett

Dave Henslee is THE choice for the Klamath County Commissioner. I have known Dave for many years, both personally and professionally, and know him to be a man of great character and unwavering integrity. Dave cares about the Klamath community and will represent Klamath County residents in a manner they deserve.

Dave is committed to advancing all public services, including law enforcement, locally, as well as at the state and federal level. Dave has the necessary background, experience and education to properly represent the Klamath County community. As a dedicated and passionate police executive, Dave served as a District Representative for the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, Co-Chair of the Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Institute, and President of the Oregon Chapter of the FBI National Academy. Dave also continues to serve as a Board Member of the Oregon Accreditation Alliance.

Dave is well respected and supported by law enforcement executives across the state and region. I encourage Klamath County citizens to make a well-educated decision when voting for the next Klamath County Commissioner. Dave's leadership, values, and integrity are unquestionable.

— Jim Ferraris
Chief of Police (Ret) / Past President, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police

David Henslee is a clear choice for this position.  He has shown his willingness to achieve these tasks as the former Klamath Falls Police Chief.  What do we know about him?  In a quick synopsis, David is a leader.  He reached out to the community and the department.  He gave the community a voice.  He listened to what was needed to bridge the gap between the two.  He sought solutions and implemented them.  The results were excellent.  

His people skills, community involvement and respect by his peers speak volumes. These are the skills we need to find solutions to our real-world issues that we constantly face.  It would be a travesty to not utilize the willingness and experience of this gentleman to fill such a vital position that is in need of a skilled leader.

— Mike and Diana Angeli

As the Executive Director of the Klamath Falls Downtown Association, my board and I regularly interacted with Mr. Henslee in his former role as Chief of Police. Mr. Henslee keenly understands how his role as a public servant has an impact far beyond the budget, department, or people he is charged with managing. 

While his successes in law enforcement are many, it is his leadership style and sense of community that make him stand out as a qualified, competent candidate to fill this vacancy. Mr. Henslee regularly asks for and considers input from other community members when it comes to complex community problems. Anyone who has had a conversation with him about “the state of things” knows he is well-versed in public policy beyond just law enforcement. He also has an astute awareness of the importance of all public service functions working together to provide a strong foundation for a vibrant, resilient community. And as businessperson whose livelihood now lies in the agriculture industry, he has experienced our region’s natural resources issues from many different perspectives, making him uniquely qualified to serve in the role of County Commissioner.  

Klamath County needs someone who cares this much about our community to lead us on the Board of County Commissioners.


— Darin Rutledge
Executive Director, Klamath Falls Downtown Association

Character - “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual” (Oxford Languages, 2022) Character should be the driving force behind why you choose to cast your vote, or not cast your vote for a candidate.

Experience, Education, Passion, and Vision… these are contributing factors that certainly enhance a candidate’s ability to sufficiently serve their constituents, but none of those are worth a penny if they are not built upon and executed from a foundation of Character.

Klamath County is Blessed to have a candidate running for Klamath County Commissioner who is a man of Character! Dave Henslee has not only served the Klamath Basin, but has made himself and his family a part of the Basin, as business owners, volunteers, and neighbors. Dedicated to upholding the values and ideologies we in the Basin cherish and guide our lives by, Dave will actively represent the needs of Klamath County - He will do so, not merely as an elected official, but as a community member, neighbor, friend, husband, and father. Character - that’s what counts in a candidate and when it comes to Character, Dave Henslee is the man of character we need representing Klamath County’s needs!

— Charles Bland
Executive Pastor, Baptist Church on Homedale

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